2023 Q1 Robin Hood Update

After an embarrassingly long wait, the Robin Hood cockpit has finally had some attention. 

A new GPS speedometer has replaced the old unreliable mechanical one, and a new Tachometer replaces the old disfunctional one.

After some trial and error we managed to align the fuel level sender correctly in the tank, so we now get a reliable indication of how much fuel we have left (or have used?) which is a welcome change from constantly monitoring the trip meter to work out when we've done enogh miles to be nearly out of fuel. Anybody who's slowly dribbled fuel into a Robin Hood tank, to prevent it going all over their shows, will understand how anything that help reduce the number of "just in case" visits to a filling station is a welcome improvement.

A new sender for the temperature gauge means that now reads correctly as opposed to it's previous readings which were about half of the correct temperature.  Finally new wiper arms and blades mean we can actually clear the windscreen of rain.  Previously the only useful purpose the wipers served was to swish back and forth to satisfy an MOT examiner.

As I write this I realise I should probably have some photos to add, but frankly, how interesting is a photo of somebody's dashboard?  More interesting by far, at least for me, is that now we have sorted out the "niggles" in the car we're currently using / showing I can leave it alone for a while and concentrate on getting the Davrian on the road.