2023 Q2 Davrian Update

I know it seems unlikely but we've actually begun work bringing the Davrian back into use.

The last job we did was to strip out virtually every piece of wire we could find from front to back. Having got fed up of chasing electrical faults all round the car, we've bitten the bullet and decided to install a completely new loom

I've bought a general purpose loom from Auto Sparks for a mid/rear engined kit car which will satisfy most of the car's needs.  There are a few circuits that aren't included in the general purpose loom to serve the pop-up headlights and the electric windows but I can add those easily enough once we get the car back up and running.

First job however, was to refurbish the internal bodywork surrounding the dashboard.  Previous owners have clearly had different ideas about what shape the dash should be with evidence of at least two goes at adding a domed section to house extra gauges.  I also removed a significant portion of a central console, (so I could get my legs in !) when we aqcuired the car, which has all left the interior looking pretty shabby.

So we removed the whole thing and I've refurbed it.  The gauge layout I have in mind doesn't need too much space so I've gone for a simpler flat line across the top of the dash, and I've patched many of the holes and cracks in the fibre glass.  Finally it has had a new coat of paint in unimaginative black, so that any mistakes at the trimming stage will hopefully be camouflaged.    Pictures below, these are both "after" photos as it didn't occur to me to take photos when I started!  Schoolboy Error!

Next stage is to trim the panel.  I have the panel and vinyl to hand so that should be complete in the next few days.

Then I'm planning a trial layout for the dash using some scrap MDF before I transfer a finished layout onto the finished article which is a body-colour-matched sheet of perspex.

Photograph of Davrian dashboard shell
Photograph 2 of Davrian dashboard shell