2024 Update on Robin Hood

Well, we've been extremely busy over the winter and given our Robin Hood a complete makeover . . .

After some shenanigans we've finally sold our Robin Hood and swapped it for an MG TF



Everyone's a comedian

Since our mad dash to get the Davrian ready for (the aborted) Blyth show, this month has been mainly about "running in" and snagging.  We've had the car out and about, on longer and longer runs, and so far, so good, although I'd quite forgotten how hard you have to push to make four drum brakes (without servo assist) stop a moving vehicle.


2023 July -Davrian update

I've been remiss in posting progress to the blog, but that doesn't mean we've been idle.  We had set ourselves a goal of taking the Davrian to the Classic Car and Bike Show at Blyth this year and we'd have made it had the atrocious weather not made us abandon plans to go to the show.

New colour scheme

Davrian Dash Update

I can't believe it's been a fortnight since I last gave an update.

Anyway, the dashboard shell is all trimmed up and ready to be reinstalled in the car.  There's a photo below, but as I painted the bare shell black (hoping it would mask any mistakes in the trimming) and I've used black vinyl for trimming, you'll be hard pushed to spot the difference since last time.  

2023 Q2 Davrian Update

I know it seems unlikely but we've actually begun work bringing the Davrian back into use.

The last job we did was to strip out virtually every piece of wire we could find from front to back. Having got fed up of chasing electrical faults all round the car, we've bitten the bullet and decided to install a completely new loom

2023 Q1 Robin Hood Update

After an embarrassingly long wait, the Robin Hood cockpit has finally had some attention. 

A new GPS speedometer has replaced the old unreliable mechanical one, and a new Tachometer replaces the old disfunctional one.

Updates and future plans

I have been doing some mods to the engine on the kit, as I was finding problems when the car was running anywhere near full revs, I have fitted a vernier pulley on the uprated cam I fitted and taken off the air filter whick I think was resricting the air flow and fitted ram pipes which have made a big difference, and they sound great.

I am planning to fit new coilovers to the front as I am still using the modified classic Mini ones supplied by Robin Hood and I am going to have a change of colour for the new season, as usual it will be very subdued as I don' like to get noticed

Engine updates

Following the failure of my uprated cam and followers last year I have been running a standard set up untill I got the head rebuilt. The cam and followers were bought originally from Brands Hatch Racing and after a bit of research they seem to be cheap Chinese knockoffs so I went out and bought a complete replacement cam, followers,posts and uprated springs with new gaskets from Kent cams. I went out for the FR32 fast road cam with the power coming in at 2000 revs up to 7000.

Potential Paint Colour?

Not really an improvement to our cars but we saw this while on holiday and wondered if we should consider this as a paint colour for the Davrian.



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