November Club Meeting and AGM 2022

The meeting was attended by about half the membership with the excisting committee voted back on for the 5th or 6th year without opposition.

We had a long discussion about the Club subsriptions and it was decided to continue with the £10 per year as it will be used for the benifit of the Club, watch this space.

We also had a long discusion about the Club Website on whether to downsize it to a display page or continue with the interactive site, although Mike and I are the only ones active on the site at the moment. We decided to give the site another 12 months to see if we can boost the use of the site.

The Clubs Public liability Insurance has expired, while members cars are covered by their own insuance, the club could still have a problem if someone fell over a car or Club sign,etc, so I am going to aproach some insurance brokers to see if we can sort something out before the shows restart.

We are going to organise at least two runs out per month with one a midweek run and one at the w/e. The plan is to let members have a run out with them taking the lead to their favourite destinations. More details nearer the Spring.

We had 13 people pay their deposit for the Christmas meal, but if anyone wants to go I can add to the list anytime up to the start of December when the Menu choices have to be made. Just get in touch with me and I will sort it out.

Heres looking forward to a good year, with lots of good runs and shows to attend with a few social events thrown in.